CTN Animation Expo

November 25, 2009 at 4:39 am (Life Changing)

This was probably one of the coolest events i have ever been too. I went with my parentals, who by the way are first to admit they have no artistic talent, and they were very impressed. Basically what happened is that the CTN Animation expo was pounded into my head by my Character Design Teacher Aubry Mintz, who i’ll be first to thank for it πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, i only went for Sunday and for about 4 hours. Next year, because i was so impressed, am going to shell out the bucks for the 3 day pass and even possibly stay at the hotel that is hosting it. Seriously that is how great this experience was. The exposition was a combination of things: art show, demos, seminars, panels, films, animated films, screen writing, job pitching, character design, book sale, top art/animation software/tools, and pure contact with all artists. It lasted from Friday to Sunday with names from all over the industry, coming and helping students, indie film markers and just people who like art. Everyone, which is what my parents noticed first, were extremely nice and were willing to answer any question. You could tell also everyone in that expo loved what they did and wanted to encourage others to do so. Even if you’re not an art geek like me you would enjoy this event. Anyone who likes films and is fascinated on how they are made or even just have an appreciation of someones art would find it very fun.


here’s a taste at who was there, and to think this was the first year, can’t wait to see what next years CTN Animation Expo will bring:

Artist Exhibitors and Demonstrators in Alphabetical Order:

Due to the nature of our industry theΒ  availability of our VIP TalentΒ  is always subject to their schedules.

Kei Acedera | Animation Artist | Imaginism Studios
Lubomir Arsov – Animation Artist | Independent
Ben Balistreri
– Character Designer | Dreamworks
John Banh – Animation Artist | Fox TV
Damon Bard – Independent Sculptor | Dreamworks, Laika, Sony, PDI, ILM
Mitchell Bernal
– Toy Designer | Skelanimals
Saud Boksmati – Viz Dev Artist | Independent Designer
Stefan Bucher – Independent Designer | Creator of 100 Monsters
Bobby Chiu – Art Director Studio Owner | Imaginism Studios
Mark Christiansen – Animation Artist | Independent Artist
David Colman – Character Designer | Sony, Disney, Warner Bros
Michael Daly – Animation Artist | Independent
Donnachada Daly – Animator | Dreamworks Animation
Andreas Deja – Supervising Animator | Disney
Peter de SΓ¨ve – Legendary Illustrator | New Yorker Magazine, Blue Sky Studios, Disney
Craig Elliott – Designer | Independent Designer
Thom Enriquez – Legendary Story Artist | Disney, Dreamworks
Kevin Eslinger – Concept Artist | Independent Illustrator
Lauren Faust & Craig McCracken – Animators | Independent
Sean Galloway & Ryan Benjamin – Character Designers
Girls Drawin’ Girls – Animation Artists
Frank Hanson – Animation Artist | Independent Artist
Liana Hee – Animation Artist | Independent Artist
Francisco Herrera – Character Designer | Warner Bros
Ryan Hungerford – Graphic Artist | Independent Designer
Robin Joseph – Independent Designer | House Of Cool, Blue Sky, Laika, Illumination, Sony Pictures
Brad Kesten – Voice Talent | Charlie Brown
Stephanie Laberis – Animation Artist | Independent
Robert Lence – Story Artist | Disney, BlueSky
Brittney Lee
– Character and Concept Designer | Independent Designer
Davy Liu – Independent Art Director | Disney, Warner Bros, Lucas Film, ILM
Jose Lopez – Character Designer
John Loter – Designer | Disney
Rik Maki – Character Designer and Teacher | Disney, Laika, Blue Sky
Leo Matsuda – Story Artist
Mark McDonnell
– Character and Environment Designer | Disney
Fabian Molina – Character Designer
Derek Monster – Character and Creature Designer | Pixar
Scott Morse – Character Designer | Pixar

David O’Keefe
– Sculptor | Independent
Justin Orr – Animation Artist
Gabriele Pennacchioli – Animator | Dreamworks
Phil Phillipson – Designer | Disney and co-creator of the brilliant graphic novel God the Dyslexic Dog
Ruben Procopio – Independent Sculptor | Disney, Masked Avenger Studios
Bill Presing – Character Designer | Pixar
Bill Robinson – Animation Artist
Lou Romano – Production Designer | Laika
Humberto Ramos – Toy Designer
Leigh Rens – 3D Digital Artist
Harald Seiperman
– Independent Character Designer | Disney
Scott Shaw – Cartoonist
Stephen Silver
– Independent Character Designer | Disney, Warner Bros, Sony, Fox
Beth Sleven – Character Designer
James Stapp – Digital Artist | Atomic Monkey
Olivier Tossan
– Visual Development Artist | Independent Designer
Ken Turner – Independent Designer | 9 Story Entertainment, Cookie Jar Entertainment
Marshall Vandruff – Illustration and Animation Artist | MAD Magazine, Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, Gnomon
Valerio Ventura – Independent Designer | Disney, Cartoon Network
Glenn Vilppu – Master Figure Instructor | Disney, Cal Arts, Art Center
Joe Weatherly – Artist and Teacher | Dreamworks, Universal Studios
The Write Brothers – Story Consultants
Scott Wright
– Animator | Dreamworks
Dean Yeagle – Independent Cartoonist

Panels and Speakers ….Schedule
Formats 20 minutes and 45 min after which time the group retreats to the β€œShop Talk” lounge to carry on the conversation and Q+A.

1 + 3 + 5 = TheΒ  Making of 9

  • Moderator | Aaron Simpson – Producer
    • Jeff Bell – VFX Supervisor
    • Jinko Gotoh – Producer
    • Joe Ksander – Director of Animation
    • Robert StPierre – Co-Production Designer
    • Christophe Vacher – Art Director
    • Fred Warter – Co-Production Designer

An Animation Career Snapshot – Sponsored by Animation Mentor

  • Moderator | Tenny Chonin – Gallery Owner | Independent
    • Jed Diffendefer – Animator | Independent
    • Eric Goldberg – Supervising Animator | Disney
    • Ethan Hurd – Animator | Sony Image Works
    • Kira, Lehtomaki – Animator |
    • Sean Sexton – Animator | Dreamworks
    • Chris Williams – Animation Supervisor | Sony Pictures

Anatomy of a Hit Animated Series: The Decision Makers

  • Moderator Ramin Zahed | Editor of Animation Magazine
    • Swampy Marsh – Executive Producer | Disney XD and Disney Channel
    • Jamie Mitchell – Executive Producer and Director | Disney Channel
    • Dan Povenmire –Β  Executive Producer | Disney Channel
    • Ford Riley – Executive Producer | Disney Channel

Bringing Characters to Life in Disney Theme Parks | Audio Animatronics and Interactive

  • An unmoderated discussion.
    • Diane Binford – Imagineering Artist | Walt Disney Imagineering
    • Joe Lanzisero – Senior VP | Walt Disney Imagineering
    • Akhil Madhani – Imagineering Artist | Walt Disney Imagineering
    • Ethan Reed – Imigineering Artist | Walt Disney Imagineering
    • TBA – Walt Disney Interactive

Color Scripting: The Art Directors from Pixar, Disney, Sony

  • Moderator Charles Solomon | Animation Critic for the LA Times and Author
    • Andy Gaskill – Art Director | Disney, Sony Image Works
    • Dave Goetz – Art Director | Disney
    • Dice Tsutsumi – Art Director | Pixar
    • Lou Romano – Art Director | Laika

Comedy Wanted: Drawn or Alive: The Gag Guys

  • Moderator | Yvette Kaplan – Producer, Director, Writer | Blue Sky, Fox, Film Roman, MTV
    • Tommy Blancha – American Comedy Writer | Adult Swims β€œMetalocalypse”
    • Kristofer Brown – Writer | MTV, Cartoon Network
    • Tom Gammill – Comedy Writer | MTV
    • Sam Johnson – Comedy Writer | MTV
    • Chris Marcil – Comededy Writer | MTV

Crafting The Short Pitch

Directing Animation vs Live Action

  • Rob Minkoff – Director of Lion King and Stuart Little

Designing from a Distance: The Artists that Do It

  • Francisco Herrera – Character Designer Mexico City | Warner Bros
  • Harald Seiperman – Independent Character Designer | Disney

Developing the Animated Comedy Feature

  • Steve Kaplan –Β  Comedian | Comedy Writer From Animation to Live Action

From Designs to Toys

From Pixie Dust to Pixels

  • Moderator | Henk Dawson – Digital Illustrator and Podcast Owner D3D

From Production to Academia
How I sell the Pitch

  • Guy Vasilovich – Producer Director | Moonscoop Productions

How I Design Productions

The Power of Improv

  • Ezra Weiss – Improvisational Actor and Director of the School of Improv at Bang Comedy Theatre Los Angeles

Indy Filmmakers

  • Raul Garcia – Director | Independent Feature Filmmaker
  • Phil Nibbelink – Director | Independent Feature Filmmaker

Indy Studio Owners

  • Tony Bancroft – Studio Owner | Disney, Exodus Filmgroup. Toonacious Studios
  • Bobby Chiu – Studio Owner | Imaginism Studios
  • Chris Hamilton – Studio Owner | Oddbott Studios
  • Darrel Van Citters – Studio Owner | Renegade Animation

Make It Talk! The Illusion of Speech

  • Steve Meltzer – Puppeteer | Puppetolio

Managing Creative Talent

  • Steve Hickner – Producer | Dreamworks

Marketing for Right Brainers

  • Lee Silber – Teaching business lessons that last a lifetime for the creative thinker.

Meet the Work and Influence of Ronald Searle

  • Moderator | Matt Jones – Personal Acquaintance of Mr. Searle and Senior Story Artist | Aardman Animation Studio
    • Manny Hernandez – Animation Student | Cal Arts
    • John Musker – Director | Disney

Production Design Panel

  • Peter Clarke – Production Designer
  • Fred Cline – Production Designer | Independent

Spotlight Focus Interviews

  • Peter de SΓ¨ve – Legendary Illustrator | New Yorker Magazine, Blue Sky Studios, Disney
  • Andy Gaskill – Art Director | Disney, Sony Image Works
  • Dave Master – A Learning Activist | ACME Animation
  • Mike Mignola – American Comic Artist | Creator of Hellboy
  • Marcelo Vignali – Character Designer | Sony Image Works

Sup of the Day: Digital Supervisors

  • Moderator | Bill Kroyer – Director | Rhythm and Hues, Disney
    • Karl Herbst – Digital Supervisor | Sony Pictures
    • Robert Lurye – Digital Supervisor | Dreamworks Animation

The Power of Mime

  • Lorin Eric Salm – Character Movement | Disney, Dreamworks, Sony, Rhythm & Hues

The Broad-appeal of Animation

  • Tina Price – Animation Pioneer | Disney, Owner of the Creative Talent Network
  • Sue Nichols – Animation Designer | Disney
  • Kathy Zielinski – Animator | Disney, Dreamworks

The Evolution of the Filmmaker

  • Aubry Mintz – Associate Professor CSULB and Animator from ILM.
    • Joaquin Baldwin – Animator | Independent from Paraguay
    • Jessica Forer – Animation Filmmaker| Dreamworks
    • Melissa Graziano – Animator | 3rd year MFA Animation UCLA
    • Erick Oh – Animator |
    • Sheila Sofian – Independent Filmmaker | Dean of Animation USC
    • John Vener – Animator | Blur

The GreatΒ  β€œD” – vide

  • Moderator | Dave Burgess – Animation Supervisor | Dreamworks Animation
    • Line Andersen – Supervising Animator | Dreamworks
    • Randy Cartwright – Animator, Story Artist | Disney
    • John Hill – Animator | Independent
    • Pierre Perifel – Animator | Dreamworks
    • Kristof Serrand –Β  Animator | Dreamworks

The History of the Maquette

  • Kent Melton – Legendary Sculptor | Disney, Dreamworks
  • Ruben Procopio – Master Sculptor | Disney, Masked Avenger Studios

The Pioneers – Those Who Paved the Way

  • Moderator | Jerry Beck – Animation Historian and Writer

The Studio has no Walls – Exploring the Virtual Production Model

  • Moderator | Frank Gladstone – Producer / Instructor | Dreamworks, Disney
    • Richard Chuang – Studio Owner | PDI, Dreamworks, Cloud Pic
    • Max Howard – Animation Executive | Disney, Exodus Film Group, Warner Bros
    • Uri Shinar – Virtual Studio Owner | CEO Aniboom

The Annex: Florida
The World of Appeal

  • Ed Gombert – Legendary Story Artist | Dreamworks, Disney

They Got it All But I Did it All – How to protect what you do.

  • Glenn Litwak – Entertainment Lawyer| Founding Member of Litwak & Havkin

Thumbnailing for 3D Animation

Visual Components in Filmmaking

What Are They Looking For? The Recruiters

  • Moderator Lisa Kay Founder of Greenlight Jobs
    • Kim Mackey – Recruiter | Dreamworks Animation
    • Josilin Torrano – Recruiter | Nickelodeon

What’s the Secret of β€œThe Secret of the Kells” – Meet the Makers

  • Moderated by Charles Solomon | Animation Critic for the LA Times and Author
    • Tomm Moore – Director | The Cartoon Saloon
    • Paul Young – Producer | The Cartoon Saloon

What is Creativity?

  • Dave Zaboski – Artist and Teacher | UCLA, USC, Art Center, Disney, Sony

Who’s Who in the Animation Pipeline

  • Angela Lepito – Educational Out Reach | Dreamworks Animation

Work for What? – A Look @ Work for Hire!

  • Ellen Mersereau – Entertainment Lawyer | Independent

Zero’s and Ones The Pioneers of Digital Animation

  • Moderator Tom Sito – Animation Professor and Writer
    • Tad Gielow – Digital Animation Professional | Sony Pictures Imageworks

Special Events

Breakfast with the Pros
Raising the Bar Recruiting
Speed Talent
Spotlight Signings
Talent Screenings
VIP Reception

Non-Artist Exhibitors

Aniboom – Online Animation Company
Animation Magazine – Media
ASIFA – Animation Organization
Breakpoint Books – Book Seller
Cal Arts – School
Corel – Leading Digital Paint Software Supplier
Craft Animations – Animation Software
– Computer Rental Equipment
DigiCel – Digital Cell Animation Software
Dreamworks Animation
Gnomon – School
Los Angeles Figurative Art Academy LAAFA – School
Maxon Computers
The Mighty Nomad Gallery
Nucleus Gallery
– Offering quality art, art-related goods, and artist lectures.
Maxon Computers
Mobile Motion – Motion Capture Software
Phil Davis Books and Treasures
Radar Cartoons
Renegade Studios
Santa Monica College
Stuart NG
– Animation and Illustration Book Seller and Collector
The Write Brothers
ToonBoom – Leading Animation Software Supplier
Wacom – Leading Digital Tablet Supplier
Women in Animation – Organization
Woodbury University – University

Studios / Recruiters

Digital Domain
Dreamworks Animation Studios
Exodus Filmgroup
Fringe Talent
Gentle Giant
Imaginism Studios
Pixar Animation
Renegade Animation
Rhythm and Hues
Sony Pictures Animation
Walt Disney Animation


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